Infatuation as reference of love.

As humans we have great potential since we are bearers of an important compendium of emotions and feelings that we can become as large as crazy.

The infatuation is one of those phenomena that moves the person's feel on a powerful way, beautiful feelings and emotions arise from inside mobilized or caused by another person, of which becomes captive. 

Infatuation happens in that moment you find that one person who awakens in us the most beautiful feelings. And this fact, imperceptibly, makes us addicted to that person able to make us feel happy and fulfilled as no one else could.

In an effort to retain the feel and the fear of it disappears, you tend to want to own and control that person, suing to continue causing this within one and not become aware, that what was born naturally not only disappears when it tries be forced, but becomes harmful and quasi-destructive.

People often walk life looking for that unique being who will make them happy, someone special according to them and worthy of teir love, and that es the idea which rules since centuries or millennia. 

However, they must be few, those who have not realise that put their happiness in someone special, is insane. Hang their own feeling of someone else not only creates discomfort in oneself but at the same time creates a difficult and unfair weight to carry by another, what's right to require others our own happiness?. 

Infatuation does nothing more to show those wonderful feelings we have inside ourselves, genuine, inherent in us, which are awakened by someone focus of these, but doesn't leave to be own and authentic.

This means that we can be happy to have this dowry which is own and is active or potential. But there is something that should not be ignored, which is, short is the state of happiness when those feelings depend on a different precursor ourselves.

Self-knowledge is a must for anyone who has decided to be happy, because there is no other way to address the way that leads one to happiness. It is very clear that what makes one person happy may not find it equal to another, for the simple reason that we are different in the broadest sense.

What is the relationship of infatuation and self-knowledge?

Someone who does not want to know about himself has not chance of experiencing love for another. And infatuation comes to supplant the love, because people become unable to love, because someone who does not love what is, can not love another, and someone who does not look for to know to himself can not love what he is. 

And this is why, look for love in another ( the absurd belief that love is outside and not inside), has created the unfortunate outcomes of wonderful stories of love, for when the infatuation vanishes, inquired and hurtful feelings emerges. And what began as "love" ends in a vicious and bloody war as worst enemies.

And this does not happen if those who come together not feel contempt for themselves, which leads them to practice another famous tolerance.

Of feel love for themselves, not only they wouldn't resort to the tolerance of the "defects" (issues not accepted by the absence of self-awareness and self-acceptance) that they project, perceive and judge in others, but would be able to help mutually understand and accept those human aspects present in all, and grow together and enhanced.

The feeling must be rescued and placed above morality (judgement) and custom (Romanticism). 

And stimulate the heart to feel because it is the feeling that makes its temperature raises to put us in a state where we experience peace, although chaos surrounds us, although no one loves us.

When love for oneself awakens, is impossible it disappears or dies, unlike infatuation that it always ends and in the worst way.


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